Why Marketing Communications is Important – Guest Blog

Marketing Communications is more than just Public Relations. And more than Social Media. And simply more. "Marcom" as it tends to be abbreviated in this world of shortening everything, is a key component of the overall marketing mix. In the digital media age, it is EVERYTHING. Welcome our guest blogger, Susan Cellura of E-Marketing Communications (EMC) who explains just what Marketing Commu...
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Are You Dragging Your Users Through The Restaurant?

Adrian Peterson locker room trip through a restaurant
4 Reasons Why User Experience Design is Important During last night's Packers/Vikings game, a lot happened. But nothing is getting as much press as Adrian Peterson's trip to the locker room...through some sports bar or restaurant in the Vikings' new stadium. Not even the injury is getting this much attention. What it highlights is not just the strange trek: it shows just how bad some designs ...
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