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Planning Your Marketing

Did You Know That Half Your Business Relies on Marketing?

Half. Because most people equate marketing with the stepchild of sales, they often don’t think of it as an important part of their business. But look at any business plan and you’ll see that 35-50% of the plan is made up of marketing steps.

You need to know:

  • Who your target market is
  • What products and services you’ll offer to that market (and how)
  • How you’ll price your offering
  • Who your competitors are and how to position yourself against them

All these and more are part of your marketing engine–your Marketing Plan. But before you build the engine, you have to build an effective marketing plan. Do you have one? If not, the team at Leviathan Consulting knows how to build one for your business.

Starting with an analysis of your company, products and services, your competition, and your target market, we can build out a comprehensive marketing strategy plan complete with budget estimates and short/long-term goals and metrics. Need something a bit simpler (and less expensive) than a comprehensive plan? Leviathan Consulting can build you a marketing starter plan and framework on which to build as you grow into the marketing role. We also offer services to execute the plan, should you not have the internal resources to commit to marketing execution.

To find out more about our planning and marketing services, contact us today.