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Software Implementation

Software Applications are Key to Company Success

Software is one of those great equalizers. With the right software implementation, a 5-person office can respond with the same force and professional presentation that a 50-person office can. Quite often, the SMB market relies more heavily on “Back Office” applications than larger companies because of the leverage it gives them.

What the heck is a Back Office Application? Heck, what is the Back Office?

If you do your own bookkeeping or have someone who does it, that’s part of your Back Office function. Collecting money for your work? Back Office. Yes, the Back Office is that important. Even your E-Mail and most of the Information Technology you use can be considered part of the Back Office.

Why should you worry about it? Back Office Applications tend to run large parts of any company (no matter how small.) If you’re small enough, you don’t necessarily separate your business into Front Office and Back Office functions. You’re probably using QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel for almost everything.

But if you’re big enough, you probably have a department or two that runs back office functions. And they typically rely on some kind of software to enable the staff to keep your business on-track and profitable.

When you need to roll out a new application (or sometimes a whole suite of applications) implemented within your company, don’t sweat it. Call the experts at Leviathan Consulting. We know how to manage a wide variety of software implementations for small and midsize businesses. It may only be a new version of Office, or it may be a new ERP or Accounting System–the experts at Leviathan Consulting can keep your company running through planning, implementation, and support. Contact us today to see how.